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Drivert sugar (~12.5 pounds)

$16.50 - Member price
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Drivert sugar, used mainly by professional bakers, is a special form of cane sugar that bees can consume dry -- without adding water. That makes drivert (also called fondant sugar) perfect for feeding bees during the rainy season or whenever you want to avoid adding moisture to the hive. SFBA buys 50-pound sacks of drivert, divides them into four portions of roughly 12.5 pounds each, and re-sells the portions to *members* at cost. Please note that you must be signed into your SFBA member account on this website to get the member price, so make sure to sign in before proceeding to purchase. Note also: SFBA does not deliver. You must arrange to pick up your sugar from the club here in San Francisco . Address and pickup details -- plus suggestions for how to use drivert -- will be sent to you directly by email within a day or two after purchase.
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